What Smartwatch can do in 2019

Watches connected with a smartphone are a real treat for fans of modern technologies. If you are looking for an additional gadget, you should look for the best offers on the market. We will help you make the right decision. We have selected attractive promotions that will surely interest modern technology enthusiasts. Those who want to make calls, receive messages or use the navigation on the wrist can rub their hands.


Easy connection via Bluetooth

The only thing you need to pair your smartwatch with your smartphone is an active Bluetooth function that is available on all modern phones. Regardless of the chosen model, the device will work with hardware running on Android and iOS. Smartwatch, like a smartphone, you can also personalize by choosing from several built-in disc models. Choose between different colors and decide whether the displayed time will be in digital or clickable format.


Call the wrist

The size of the additional screen, of course, does not compare to that of smartphones, but the hardware makes up for it. It can be conveniently used in any situation – in crowded public transport, during work or simply relaxing at home. With the bracelet, you can use a phone that is safely in your pocket or on the table next to you. The device allows you to make and receive calls, and also informs the user about incoming e-mails or SMS messages.


Durable battery and fast charging time

More expensive devices are equipped with a good quality battery that allows it to withstand long hours without a cable. In addition, a small screen absorbs much less power than a classic smartphone, so you do not have to worry about the loss of access to the device at the least expected moment. In addition, some models are equipped with an inductive charging function. Instead of looking for a charger and connecting the cable to the device, just place it on a special pad, and the rest will do it yourself. Stylish devices do not stand out with their appearance, and thus they fit well into any interior.


Music, alarms and much more

Thanks to the built-in music player you can also conveniently control the playlist, undo and skip your favorite songs, as well as check the title of the song you are listening to. The device is also equipped with a security alarm. If by chance the bracelet detaches itself and slips off the hand, the device will automatically send an impulse that will trigger an alarm. Thanks to this you do not have to worry about losing your equipment in the least expected moment.


Smartwatches for women

Smartwatches designed for women only is an interesting trend, pink, orange colors prevail, but there is also nothing to prevent you from wearing a black smartwatch. Very interesting is Michael Kors smartwatch, because looks very good and it is designed for women. Another interesting device is Fossil Q Women’s Gen 3 Venture (Smartphone notifications, touchscreen functionality, activity tracking, custom goal & alarm settings) these are just some of its advantages.

Michael Kors Access, Women’s Smartwatch, Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel

Michael Kors Access, Women’s Smartwatch, Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel

For athletes and gadgets-fans

Even the simplest smartwatches have a motion sensor that informs the user about the progress of physical activity. This creates a wide field for sportsmen who can enrich the equipment with additional applications that will further enhance the device’s functions.

In addition, a GPS receiver built into some models allows you to install pedestrian navigation. Thanks to this, being in a foreign city, you can set your own destination and the device will lead you to your destination. Gentle vibrations will inform you that you are off course, so you do not have to move with your eyes fixed on the screen.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SM-R760 Smartwatch